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Kayako Higuchi Rocks Balenciaga on Vogue Japan’s December 2021 Cover

As Mitsuko Watanabe rounds out her tenure at Vogue Japan, she’s ditching the magazine’s signature white backgrounds in favor of location shoots. The September cover featured models of the moment captured in Italy, a dancing Haruka Toyoda was snapped for October and Cara Delevingne was shot in the wilderness for last month’s cover. Now Kayako Higuchi poses at a quarry for Vogue Japan’s final offering of the year. In the December 2021 cover image, the Japanese beauty and current face of Salvatore Ferragamo wears an embroidered Balenciaga Fall 2021 Haute Couture gown courtesy of Sissy Vian before the lens of Juergen Teller.

Vogue Japan December 2021 : Kayako Higuchi by Juergen Teller


“Jesus Christ, what does Juergen say to people in fashion? Why is he literally everywhere all of a sudden? The Hailey Bieber of photographers,” said dontbeadrag.

“Why is everyone against glamour?” asked kokobombon.

“Juergen Teller: deconstructing glamour since whatever year he was born. The absurdity of the background. The uncomfortable, barely physically possible pose. Kayako’s silent cry for help. That poor Balenciaga, hanging in there like a fish out of water,” critiqued Horizontina.

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“Teller shines at Saint Laurent… This is a definitive no from me,” aracic chimed in.

“Can someone please enlighten me what’s so good about Juergen Teller’s photography? I just don’t see it,” shared FashionMuseDior.

“I love the cover model, but that’s an awful cover. It looks unfinished. Maybe outdoor covers aren’t their forte,” noted crmsnsnwflks.

Scotty is obviously not a fan: “I miss the white background covers. Vogue Japan lost its identity.”

“Just happy to see a Japanese model on the cover. That’s all. It’s a rare occurrence,” oaklee91 pointed out.

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