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Even Steven Meisel Can’t Save Fendi x SKIMS’ ‘Basic’ Campaign

Kim Kardashian is on a mission to propel SKIMS into the world of high fashion. After securing modeling royalty Kate Moss, the brand unveils a collaboration with luxury Italian fashion house Fendi. Designed alongside Fendi’s artistic director Kim Jones, the duo produced a Fendi x SKIMS capsule collection full of formfitting underwear, loungewear and shapewear boasting all the iconic Fendi emblems crafted in bold and vibrant colors as well as SKIMS’ signature nude shades. The pair tapped stylist Carlyn Cerf de Dudzeele and photographer Steven Meisel for the accompanying campaign with the reality TV star posing for the legendary lensman alongside Precious Lee, Tianna St. Louis, Jessie Li and Grace Valentine.

Fendi x Skims 2021 by Steven Meisel


The campaign took our forum members by complete surprise. “By Steven who? Steven Meisel shooting Kim Kardashian is something I didn’t know I needed, but he could’ve done more with her,” confessed aracic.

“This doesn’t look like Meisel’s work at all. From the set design to the lighting and post-production…it’s so shockingly cheap-looking,” expressed Marc10.

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“Kim has been shot far more successfully by many, many photographers. Not letting Meisel off the hook for this tacky trash,” an unforgiving KINGofVERSAILLES scolded.

“So basic, Fashion Nova wants their campaign back. There is nothing Meisel can elevate when the clothes look like this,” mocked THD96.

WinstonH20 was also far from impressed: “OMG, the background looks like a cheap step and repeat made for someone’s 21st birthday party. Clearly no one cared at all when doing this.”

“Absolutely awful. This also really lowers Fendi,” noted gossiping.

“This is it. We are officially in the worst era of fashion possible,” declared dontbeadrag.

Fendi x Skims 2021 by Steven Meisel


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