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Olivia Rodrigo Appears on Vogue Singapore’s ‘Pretty but Boring’ October 2021 Covers

We have a feeling Olivia Rodrigo is going to be a fixture down at newsstands. The American singer, songwriter and actress has already appeared on the covers of ELLE, V Magazine and Teen Vogue. Vogue Singapore is the latest fashion glossy to jump on the bandwagon marking its one year anniversary with the October 2021 issue. For the print cover (below), Olivia is surrounded by a floral display wearing Fendi courtesy of stylist Coquito Cassibba for the shot photographed by Peter Ash Lee. For the digital alternative (after the jump), the rising star rocks a Louis Vuitton look along with a selection of jewelry from Cartier.

Vogue Singapore October 2021 : Olivia Rodrigo by Peter Ash Lee


But were our forum members impressed? “Looks pretty,” simply stated guimon.

“She looks very pretty, I like it. Very appropriate of her image,” admitted aracic.

“This is just that, pretty but boring. Can we at least have some edge since it is a fashion magazine and it is Vogue?” asked vetements.

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Teen Vogue meets generic Pinterest board. Boring and pretentious, not high fashion at all, but is indeed pretty. In the most basic sense of the word, however,” added dontbeadrag.

“Sadly, these days if a magazine at least produces something pretty, it seems like a win in my book. Banal though it may be, at least it’s not ugly, trashy or pushing an insincere message,” KINGofVERSAILLES pointed out.

“She’s pretty and very photogenic, but there’s something about her mouth that I don’t like. Don’t get me wrong, her lips are pretty, but the way she opens her mouth…I’ve seen this thousands of times. Someone has to tell her to stop doing that,” shared JPineapple.

“This is no doubt the start of us being bombarded with Olivia Rodrigo on fashion magazines. I’m unable to understand the hype surrounding her, don’t find her remotely interesting and these covers are a total nonevent,” proclaimed vogue28.

Vogue Singapore October 2021 : Olivia Rodrigo by Peter Ash Lee


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