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Anya Taylor-Joy Appears on InStyle’s ‘Nice’ October 2021 Cover

Anya Taylor-Joy is everywhere. Well, at least when it comes to newsstands. She’s on everything from the cover of Tatler to InStyle. Laura Brown continues to secure the hottest celebrity talent with Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Hudson, Salma Hayek along with Jennifer Lopez fronting recent issues. Now Anya covers the title’s October 2021 offering. For the twice-yearly beauty edition, the Tiffany & Co. brand ambassador is styled by Law Roach for the image captured by Sebastian Faena.

US InStyle October 2021 : Anya Taylor-Joy by Sebastian Faena


Anya’s latest definitely divided our forums, however. “So happy to see her score another cover! She looks beautiful,” noted aracic.

“Another nice cover with Anya Taylor-Joy, like how impactful it is and will no doubt grab your attention on the newsstands (especially over Harper’s Bazaar with Nicole Kidman). The colors are gorgeous, love the addition of the sunflowers…” approved an obviously thrilled vogue28.

“I like the cover well enough, but I think she’s in danger of overexposure,” KINGofVERSAILLES pointed out.

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But the cover certainly didn’t appeal to everyone. “Law Roach again? Good god! And we wonder why magazines are dead? Actual stylists are no longer getting the prime spots,” complained Benn98.

FashionMuseDior obviously shared the same sentiment: “One of the reasons people buy magazines is for them to give the celebrity a makeover.”

“There really is something so bothersome about Anya Taylor-Joy. She always has this kind of strange pinched mouth smirk… She definitely is risking overexposure. I’m not getting the feeling this is all happening organically…” voiced a clearly annoyed dior_couture1245.

“I have to admit that I don’t like the sunflowers, but the rest is stunning!” confessed JPineapple.

So are you a fan? See more from Anya’s cover shoot and share your thoughts here.