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There’s Something Off About Magnolia Maymuru’s Vogue Australia September 2021 Cover

It’s not every month our favorite fashion glossies support local talent. But Vogue Australia remains one of the few publications that does so quite often. One year ago the Australian fashion bible commissioned indigenous artist Betty Muffler to produce artwork for its front cover. In addition, the magazine has welcomed Aussie talents Gemma Ward and Erica Packer to its cover. Now for September 2021, Aussie Vogue joins in the theme of new beginnings by selecting Magnolia Maymuru as its latest cover star. Photographed at sunrise on location in New South Wales by Charles Dennington, the aboriginal actress and model cradles her adorable baby daughter in the charming cover image.

Vogue Australia September 2021 : Magnolia Maymuru by Charlie Dennington


According to our forum members, however, one element ruined the outcome. “Did they really have to cover her face with that random lens flare? The whole thing just screams amateur hour,” complained THD96.

“What a beautiful girl! Too bad her beauty is hidden behind that awful and unnecessary lens flare,” echoed mikel.

“Wow, way to ruin what could have been a perfect cover. That lens flare is so unnecessary,” added Benn98.

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“I hate the way they completely hid her face on the cover, I would be furious if it were me,” proclaimed aracic.

GivenchyAddict was also dumbfounded: “They truly had zero respect for her. There is clearly an attempt to hide her face.”

“The lens flare was unnecessary. I didn’t even see that she was holding her daughter until I looked closely,” noted Cute.

“I think it’s a gorgeous and rather refreshing cover from Vogue Australia this month despite the lens flare obscuring Magnolia Maymuru’s face. I am instantly transported to that beach at sunrise. The colors are just so vibrant and juicy…” voiced vogue28.

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