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Mona Tougaard Transports Us to Naples via Vogue Italia’s August 2021 Cover

Ever since Emanuele Farneti took over Vogue Italia back in 2017, it has been an extremely rocky road. This year alone covers dedicated to animals, everyday style, creativity and astrology have all been questionable, especially in comparison to Franca Sozzani‘s rich and celebrated legacy. Now after Farneti announced his departure, an edition dedicated to Naples comes our way for August 2021. Mona Tougaard takes us to the Italian city photographed by Colin Dodgson. The Danish beauty takes in the sights wearing a look from Saint Laurent’s Fall 2021 collection chosen by stylist Francesca Burns.

Vogue Italia August 2021 : Mona Tougaard by Colin Dodgson


Ultimately, the cover received mixed feedback on our forums. “This is definitely one of Farneti’s better covers…” confessed Ken Doll Jenner.

“I actually like it. The bar is so low that I like this,” declared MON.

“Considering the standards of this magazine, especially the last two issues, I’ll take this,” echoed THD96.

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“Can’t say that I love this even though it’s far from their worst,” noted aracic.

SLFC was in the same frame of mind: “I feel like she could be closer up, but I mean it’s not terrible. Pretty normal as low as the standard for Vogue Italia is.”

“It’s nothing tragic, just those things they add to the Vogue masthead that are totally unnecessary,” DK92 pointed out.

“Gosh, can’t wait for the art director to get fired,” commented Scotty.

“Another absolute dud of a cover under Farneti’s tenure if you ask me and I’ve been at the point where I couldn’t care less about Vogue Italia for months. Covers and editorials over the past few years have just been so incredibly dismal that I now feel numb to each new cover,” voiced vogue28.

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