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Selena Gomez Gets Decked Out in Burberry for Vogue Australia’s July 2021 Cover

You’ve probably noticed that magazines clearly love Selena Gomez. Last year Selena covered WSJ. Magazine, Interview, Allure along with Vogue Mexico. Now she pops up on Vogue Australia (in collaboration with Vogue Singapore) for July 2021. Following a “disappointing” September 2016 debut, Selena sports Burberry courtesy of Patti Wilson for the absolutely glam cover shot by Alique.

Vogue Australia July 2021 : Selena Gomez by Alique


But most of our forum members aren’t fans. “This is a little better than Vogue Singapore, but still soooo bad. This lighting with the retro styling just doesn’t do Selena any favors,” complained an obviously annoyed BlueRuin.

“Not as bad as her Singapore and U.S. covers,” agreed crmsnsnwflks.

“Like everything Miss Gomez does this is average at best, but definitely better than the Vogue Singapore version…” added 90sbea.

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“The beauty styling is all sorts of awful and honestly don’t think I’ve seen Selena Gomez photograph any worse. Patti Wilson’s styling overpowers Selena terribly here…” exclaimed vogue28.

“Terrible. Marie Claire Australia is miles ahead of this garbage,” declared caioherrero.

“I love Selena, but this is terrible. The styling looks tacky and the final result is pretty cheap-looking,” guimon pointed out.

Although not everyone hated the outcome. “I like it. Very edgy and modern,” admitted a definitely pleased oaklee91.

“I love this socialite, high-fashion take on Selena. Selena looking like a rich Monaco heiress on the cover,” admired dontbeadrag.

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