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Kacey Musgraves Scores Her Very First ELLE Cover for June/July 2021

Ever since taking over ELLE, Nina Garcia has favored musicians over actresses and models when it comes to the covers of the American fashion glossy. In the last few years, we’ve encountered Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Celine Dion, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa (twice), Cardi B, Blackpink — and the list goes on. Now Kacey Musgraves becomes the magazine’s cover star for June/July 2021. The American singer and songwriter wears a stunning number from Atelier Versace’s Spring 2021 collection courtesy of Alex White for the shot captured by Cass Bird.

US Elle June/July 2021 : Kacey Musgraves by Cass Bird


According to members of our forums, however, something wasn’t quite right. “Awkward!” declared MON the moment the cover dropped.

“Nothing works here. Her expression looks like a deer in the headlights. What is with the hand gesture? Who is she calling?” disapproved THD96.

Marc10 was also far from impressed: “What a bizarre pose. She’s such a beautiful woman, they did her dirty…”

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“I’m so confused. Is she pretending to be on the phone? The expression is beyond bizarre. It’s strange, she’s a beautiful girl…” echoed honeycombchild.

Xone couldn’t agree more. “She is beautiful and they managed to make her look bad. What’s going on with Alex White? And that hair is a disaster.”

“I’m very sad that Alex White has become a bad stylist for ELLE. I miss her work for W,” wrote VogueGirl8910.

“An awkward and unfortunate cover, almost like Cass Bird has captured Kacey mid-pose. There just had to be a better cover-worthy photograph than this! I do, nevertheless, love how the Atelier Versace dress has photographed…” voiced vogue28.

“It’s sexy, the colors are soft — that pale pink with the gray background works perfectly…” approved WAVES.

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