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Selena Gomez Stars on Vogue’s ‘Lackluster’ April 2021 Cover

Anna Wintour sure has a knack for securing the best of the best for Vogue‘s covers. We’ve encountered everyone from Harry Styles to Naomi Osaka to Kamala Harris to Gigi Hadid down at newsstands lately. Proving Wintour’s pull is as strong as ever. Exactly four years after her last appearance, Selena Gomez is back on the cover of the American fashion bible for April 2021. Photographed by Nadine Ijewere and styled by Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, the actress/singer was snapped in the backyard of her Los Angeles home for the cover shoot wearing a look from Anthony Vaccarello’s Saint Laurent Spring 2021 collection.

US Vogue April 2021 : Selena Gomez by Nadine Ijewere


Unfortunately, Vogue‘s latest fell short. “What she’s wearing is awful and they’ve done quite a number on her with the Photoshopping. I don’t get it. She’s got good skin, no visible wrinkles. Why still retouch so aggressively?” asked Benn98.

“This is a very unflattering photo of her,” added tipi1355.

“Feel like I’ve seen this all before!” said an underwhelmed annikad.

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BlueRuin was also less than impressed: “This looks very repetitive of something we’ve seen over and over again. Forgettable. The lighting is awful…not to mention the retouching…”

“Really lackluster cover. It’s great to see U.S. Vogue working with more new talent, but I wish they were able to pull out the best in them. Everything seems really poorly composed, Selena’s poses are weak…it’s just not good,” LastNight chimed in.

“Photography is subpar to the point of comedy. Anybody with a phone camera gets a Vogue cover now. Hard pass on Nadine’s work here. Shame,” proclaimed zoom.

Meanwhile, oaklee91 described the cover as “amateurish,” but do you agree?

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