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Regina King Serves Retro Glamour on InStyle’s February 2021 Cover

InStyle dominated our must-read list through the majority of 2020. It’s all thanks to Laura Brown’s knack for delivering the crème de la crème of cover stars, including everyone from Kerry Washington to Alicia Keys to Cynthia Erivo to Viola Davis. This year seems to hold just as much promise with the mag giving us Jodie Comer last month and securing Regina King for February 2021. The American actress, director and current face of WSJ. Magazine sports a dress from Versace’s Spring 2021 collection and a selection of Bulgari jewelry for the retro-inspired cover image captured by Christian Cody.

US InStyle February 2021 : Regina King by Christian Cody


Ultimately, the cover divided our forums. “My issue with InStyle’s attempt at going vintage is how on the nose their approach is. It makes the whole thing look dated,” critiqued Ken Doll Jenner.

“This is not pretty,” commented ThickGlossies.

“Fortunately, I canceled my subscription,” declared an uninterested jal718.

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“I miss the 2000-something era of this magazine,” proclaimed matheus_s.

“I want to like the cover, but the gaudy jewels are distracting. And InStyle‘s styling always looks so pedestrian to me even though they’ve got the same luxury brands we see in top magazines,” added Benn98.

“She is such a beautiful woman, she does not need that. All those sugary things are a bit too much. Her beauty saves everything, but from her red carpet appearances and the magazines, nobody is doing her justice,” Lola701 pointed out.

“The one thing I dislike about this is how Regina isn’t looking directly out toward us viewers, which is always a total bugbear of mine. Everything else, however, is a win. I love the orange, the gold jewelry, the beauty styling and just the overall look. Always nice to see Regina King!” praised vogue28.

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