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Kendall Jenner Stars on Vogue China’s Spring-Worthy February 2021 Cover

All eyes have been on Vogue China recently following Angelica Cheung’s sudden departure from the publication. The majority of the magazine’s front covers in 2020 failed to impress our forum members, even with cover stars like Billie Eilish, Natalia Vodianova and Kaia Gerber. Cheung rounded out her tenure last month with a stunning Xiao Wen Ju offering. Now Kendall Jenner ushers in a new era for the Chinese fashion bible with the February 2021 issue. Captured by Autumn de Wilde, the popular model fittingly wears a floral Gucci dress (selected by stylist Max Ortega) while surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Vogue China February 2021 : Kendall Jenner by Autumn de Wilde


The cover was a flop on our forums. “Angelica come back! Please!” pleaded Nomar the moment the cover dropped.

“What an insipid cover…” Miss Dalloway chimed in.

“The cover is so bad. Kendall, blink twice if you need help. How can Kendall have been modeling for six years and still show no improvement? She’s the poster child of everything I hate about nepotism models,” declared an uninterested THD96.

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Ghesquiere32 was also less than thrilled: “This and her Vogue Japan cover are both horrible covers. Stop sticking this girl on covers, it just doesn’t work. But Kendall has taught everybody one important lesson: just because you are tall, thin and pretty does not mean you are meant to model.”

“I mean it’s not terrible but somehow lifeless and definitely pedestrian,” admitted WAVES.

“A surprisingly unflattering photo of Kendall who, despite lacking in modeling skills, normally looks really beautiful in photos. Her hair is a mess, too. I like the setting and the vibe, though. It’s not terrible, it’s just kinda meh,” added KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I don’t hate the cover, it’s very understated and romantic without being too corny,” defended Benn98.

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