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Vanessa Kirby Serves as Harper’s Bazaar’s Surprising December 2020/January 2021 Cover Star

One thing we’ve learned about Samira Nasr is that she has a knack for selecting fresh and exciting faces for the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. Take Sarah Paulson and Liya Kebede who recently made their debuts on the magazine. Now Vanessa Kirby can be added to the impressive list with the actress gracing Bazaar‘s double December/January issue. The English beauty lends her elegance and poise to the cover decked out in a pink Prada coat from the brand’s Spring 2021 menswear collection courtesy of Charlotte Roberts for the image captured by Scott Trindle.

US Harper’s Bazaar December 2020/January 2021 : Vanessa Kirby by Scott Trindle


Bazaar‘s latest divided our forum members. “Amazing to see Vanessa on a major U.S. cover. We stan!” admired [Piece Of Me].

“I am ALL for seeing Vanessa Kirby, she’s photographed beautifully here (surprise, surprise) and everything feels and looks…expensive. A very classy and sophisticated cover…” praised vogue28.

“Well this is a surprise! Would never expect to see Vanessa here, but she’s more than a welcome sight!” approved aracic.

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For everyone else, the cover was a major letdown. “I like Vanessa, but what the hell is this? It has no soul, no sophistication. It’s just…there,” said dodencebt.

“I love Vanessa but wish she wasn’t clutching the coat so close to her face. She’s losing her neck!” noted RedSmokeRise.

“Do editors know how to pick a good shot anymore these days?” asked Ken Doll Jenner.

Miss Dalloway couldn’t agree more: “This is NOT a cover shot, Samira really has no clue at all!”

Bertrando3 described the cover as “sad, boring and dull,” but do you agree? Share your thoughts here.