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James Charles Scores a Pair of Vogue Portugal Covers for November 2020

Vogue Portugal’s most definitely made a name for itself over recent years (for both good and bad reasons). The magazine’s covers with Alek Wek and Sharon Stone thrilled us to no end last year. But the Portuguese publication came under fire on our forums over recent months due to its questionable April cover in response to the global health crisis and made us uncomfortable with its “madness” issue back in July. Despite the mishaps and in an effort to stay on our radar, the mag taps James Charles as its November 2020 cover star. The American internet personality, YouTube sensation and makeup artist appears on a pair of covers sporting bold makeup looks for the two vibrant cover images both shot by photographer Marcus Cooper.

Vogue Portugal November 2020 : James Charles by Marcus Cooper


Members of our forums couldn’t quite believe their eyes. “I was looking at that cover intending to make a joke that they’d given James Charles a Vogue cover and then I saw that they actually had given him a cover. I’m cackling!” exclaimed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“I truly am speechless this time. And I’m not one of those people who hate social media stars, but the two don’t mix for me,” said Scotty.

“Garbage. No matter how anyone wants to justify this in the spectrum of social media. Garbage. Vogue Portugal is dead to me. Truth be told it was hardly breathing anyway,” stated Vitamine W.

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YohjiAddict also wasn’t sold: “James Charles is pure trash, period. He doesn’t belong anywhere near Vogue along with other creatures of the YouTube abyss.”

“Yikes, you’ve got to be kidding me! Why Vogue? Would Allure not make more sense if he had to get a cover?” asked Benn98.

“Nowadays, every clown will get publicity like this just because they are ‘different’ or ‘unique’ in some way,” added an unimpressed Srdjan.

“I feel like at this point James Charles is a walking meme so seeing his name on Vogue is so funny to me,” declared russianelf.

Vogue Portugal November 2020 : James Charles by Marcus Cooper


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