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Rianne Van Rompaey Returns to the Cover of Vogue Paris for November 2020

Ever since Emmanuelle Alt took over the helm of Vogue Paris back in 2011, she’s had a select group of revolving cover stars on speed dial. Rianne Van Rompaey is definitely one of them and exactly three years after her debut and straight after her last appearance just last month, the Dutch beauty is back on the French fashion bible’s front cover. The now six-time Vogue Paris cover star graces the November 2020 issue with a bold close-up shot featuring vivid eye makeup (complete with dolphins) photographed by Mikael Jansson.

Vogue Paris November 2020 : Rianne van Rompaey by Mikael Jansson


The cover immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “I love it. The more Rianne the better!” declared mikel.

“Seeing Rianne in and on Vogue Paris so often makes me happy. She’s a real model with an amazing personality and character,” said anlabe32.

“I gotta say I really like the cover, we’re living in weird times and I love that we have a model with dolphins on her face and flowers on her head,” added KateTheGreatest.

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“I love Rianne and her work so I’ll never be bothered about her getting another cover. That being said, I do not like this image because it’s honestly just unflattering. A waste of Rianne in this case,” admitted Nomar.

Valentine27 shared the same sentiment: “I’m not bothered at seeing Rianne again. She’s a great model, but I find this cover to be quite unappealing. Really not feeling it…”

“This is very unappealing and simply doesn’t suit a November issue and feels more appropriate for summer, if you ask me. The makeup with the addition of the dolphins feels extremely juvenile,” critiqued vogue28.

“A very unfortunate shot for the cover and kind of tired of Rianne at this point. She is good and beautiful, but there are many other models that are just as good and beautiful,” dontbeadrag chimed in.

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