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Anok Yai, Yasmin Le Bon and Others Appear in Fendi’s Fabulous Fall 2020 Campaign

The last Fendi advertising campaign to command our attention came courtesy of Karl Lagerfeld. (The Spring 2020 ads clearly failed to generate any real buzz.) Now the Italian fashion house sets our forums ablaze with its Fall 2020 campaign. Nick Knight captures Anok Yai, Florence, Fran Summers, Maggie Cheng along with Yasmin Le Bon posing before an eye-catching backdrop while showcasing the sophisticated collection.

Fendi F/W 2020.21 by Nick Knight


The campaign is definitely a hit on our forums. “Gorgeous campaign!” declared an obviously impressed WAVES.

“Impressive! The images are striking, casting is great…it’s been a while since Fendi had a strong campaign like this,” said aracic.

YohjiAddict is also a fan: “I love how much emphasis is placed on the models’ cheekbones and the gold hardware/jewelry, they all glisten in such a seductive manner.”

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“Finally, Knight showing he is still capable of producing a good campaign,” agreed avonlea002.

“All the girls look great and so strong. Love the photography!” raved guimon.

“I am utterly obsessed, feel like it’s the best advertising campaign I’ve seen throughout all of 2020. I was instantly sold when I saw Anok Yai’s shot, love the commanding pose, the colors and Nick Knight’s lighting — then came the flawless Yasmin Le Bon! What a feast for the eyes,” voiced vogue28.

“I am floored! A strike to my head, such glamour and luxury in this campaign!” applauded dontbeadrag.

Fendi F/W 2020.21 by Nick Knight


See more from the undoubtedly stellar campaign and share your thoughts here.