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Justin and Hailey Bieber Share an Intimate Moment on Vogue Italia’s October 2020 Cover

Emanuele Farneti definitely loves a good gimmick when it comes to Vogue Italia. But at least the magazine is far from predictable. Farneti throws us a total curveball this month following a whopping 100 covers for September, covers drawn by children and a totally blank cover in response to the global health crisis. Justin and Hailey Bieber take to Italian Vogue for October 2020 with the married couple sharing an embrace on a bed of silk sheets snapped by photographer Eli Russell Linnetz. Styled by Mel Ottenberg, the pair wears pieces from Anthony Vaccarello’s seductive Saint Laurent Fall 2020 collection while paying homage to legendary photographer Helmut Newton.

Vogue Italia October 2020 : Justin & Hailey Bieber by Eli Russell Linnetz


Our forum members weren’t fans of the outcome, however. “Helmut Newton is writhing in his grave right now,” said jorgepalomo.

“They are celebrating Helmut Newton’s 100th birthday with this cover? I can’t,” added mikel.

“It’s the quote that is offensive, the audacity to cite Helmut Newton and his lifelong WORKING partnership with his wife as somehow having something in common with this now mostly unemployed pair unless sharing a surname and who knows what else count as peak creative productivity in 2020,” tigerrouge called out.

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“I don’t see what’s so special about the cover, it’s OK for Playboy or Rolling Stone, not for Vogue,” disapproved YohjiAddict.

But not everyone was left unimpressed. “As much as I hate the Biebers, the cover image itself is faultless to me. I wish I could hate it,” confessed TommysBaby.

RedSmokeRise felt the same way: “Despite how much I cringe every time I see them together, the cover image is pretty darn good.”

“Let’s be objective. This is not a terrible cover. This is not the Vogue Italia we all know and respect…” voiced GivenchyAddict.

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