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Sarah Paulson Deserves Better Than Harper’s Bazaar’s ‘Drab’ October 2020 Cover

American Harper’s Bazaar has become notorious for endorsing the same cover subjects time and time again. Now that Samira Nasr is at the helm, things are definitely looking up. Especially with Sarah Paulson fronting the October 2020 issue. The award-winning actress finally gets the recognition she deserves making her long-overdue debut on Bazaar posing before the lens of Sam Taylor-Johnson. For the newsstand cover (below), Sarah sits in a chair wearing an emerald green dress from Valentino’s Fall 2020 collection selected by stylist Paul Cavaco.

US Harper's Bazaar October 2020 : Sarah Paulson by Sam Taylor Johnson


The cover clearly caught the attention of our forum members. “IT’S ABOUT TIME,” proclaimed GERGIN.

“Absolutely! Long overdue. She is amazing. Too bad this cover isn’t,” added mikel.

“A long-overdue cover appearance from Sarah Paulson indeed, but just like that I miss the vibrancy that Glenda Bailey’s covers offered. Despite being appropriate for October, it’s just SO dreadfully dull…” voiced vogue28.

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Echoing the same sentiment was KINGofVERSAILLES: “Looks like Sam Taylor-Johnson is as talented a photographer as she is a film director.”

“I love Sarah Paulson as much as the next person, but this cover is so drab,” dodencebt called out.

“I am so happy to see Sarah, but she deserved better! This cover wouldn’t draw my attention at the newsstand. Say what you wish about Glenda, but her covers stood out and were always vibrant and eye-catching despite often being an eyesore when looked at closely,” commented aracic.

“The new Harper’s Bazaar looks more muted than what it was before, but I’d definitely take this rather than their tacky covers from last year. And YES to Sarah Paulson!” approved crmsnsnwflks.

Check out Sarah’s cover shoot and join the conversation here.