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Vogue Picks Paintings for Its September 2020 Covers

From covers celebrating global beauty to the magazine’s beautiful and symbolic answer to the pandemic to a powerful Simone Biles cover just last month, Vogue has been nothing short of amazing this year thus far. Anna Wintour isn’t about to let standards slip with the unveiling of the title’s all-important September 2020 issue. Names like Kamala Harris, Naomi Campbell and Gigi Hadid floated around our Cover Rumor Thread, but Wintour is full of surprises bestowing upon us a pair of covers by American artists Jordan Casteel and Kerry James Marshall. Cover one (below) created by Casteel features Aurora James on a Brooklyn rooftop draped in Pyer Moss, while Marshall’s alternative (after the jump) showcases a fictional character wearing Off-White.

US Vogue September 2020 by Jordan Casteel & Kerry James Marshall


How did the mag’s latest fare on our forums? “An illustrated cover? This is so very…May 2020 now that the VAST majority of Vogues around the globe have managed to produce conventional photoshoots amid the pandemic. Surely a Vogue-worthy fashion photographer was available in New York. Not into this at all,” voiced vogue28.

“Hope? More like Nope. This is abysmal. Wintour should have left over a decade ago, but her gigantic ego will not let that happen of course. Another nail in the coffin of U.S. Vogue,” added SanderGreen.

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“I’m just…so tired. What a missed opportunity to create a beautiful, powerful, uplifting cover. All these attempts at the theme of ‘hope’ have been utterly hopeless. No wonder no one’s buying magazines,” LastNight chimed in.

KINGofVERSAILLES wasn’t impressed, either. “I don’t like this painting at all as a magazine cover, certainly not for the September issue of Vogue…”

“I’m all for cover illustrations, but when they are pretty and done right, not done tacky and looking like they should be in a children’s book. This isn’t even a cover that embodies fashion or glamour or anything!” proclaimed Mercury6181.

US Vogue September 2020 by Jordan Casteel & Kerry James Marshall


Which cover do you prefer? Share your thoughts and await the contents of Vogue‘s September issue here.