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Vanity Fair Pays Tribute to Breonna Taylor With Its September 2020 Cover

Radhika Jones continues to make all the right moves over at Vanity Fair. The magazine is definitely at the top of our reading list following its triumphant Viola Davis cover. For September 2020, Jones turned over the reins to Ta-Nehisi Coates, who serves as guest editor for the publication’s latest issue “The Great Fire.” Coates opts to give Vanity Fair‘s front cover to Breonna Taylor via a beautiful image produced by artist Amy Sherald.

Vanity Fair September 2020 : Breonna Taylor by Amy Sherald


The cover sparked conversation on our forums. “This is a gorgeous illustration. One hundred percent sure that in print this will be striking. A win for me,” commended jorgepalomo.

“Now this is how you do an illustrated cover. Beautiful and sad, but will be buying this for sure,” declared Miss Dalloway.

“Absolutely gorgeous illustration! Beautiful cover,” echoed mepps.

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Urban Stylin shared the same sentiment: “Now this perfectly works for a cover considering the subject and the colors are beautiful.”

“As much as I appreciate the effort, I don’t find comfort in the fact that they’re profiting off of her,” voiced MON.

“I see it more as a celebration. So much has been said about her death (and the ones who murdered her), but it’s also important to celebrate her life, which is what it looks like they’ll be doing. With Ta-Nehisi being the guest editor, I’m confident it was done tastefully and thoughtfully,” replied Marc10.

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