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Adwoa Aboah Is All Smiles on British ELLE’s September 2020 Cover

British ELLE has been extremely hit or miss on our forums lately. The magazine first won us over with a stunning Claudia Schiffer offering followed by a “drab and uninspiring” cover featuring Florence Pugh. Margarita Gambles gave us a serious case of summer wanderlust for July, while last month’s Dua Lipa cover seemed pretty dated. Ditching the reprints, ELLE U.K. is back to producing its own content for September 2020 welcoming Adwoa Aboah to the all-important issue photographed by Liz Johnson Artur. In the newsstand cover (below), Adwoa (who already fronts British Vogue‘s latest) smiles while wearing a mix of clothing from various independent Brit designers. ELLE also asked several students from across the United Kingdom to submit artwork for a series of special subscribers’ covers (after the jump).

UK Elle September 2020 : Adwoa Aboah by Liz Johnson Artur


The cover sure caught the attention of our forum members. “Wow, interesting! Definitely not their best cover, but it’s something different and daring and I think it will command attention on the newsstand whether it’s through like or dislike. Once again it looks like a very dated cover, this time the 90s,” voiced Benn98.

“Ugly as hell,” proclaimed Srdjan.

“This magazine is such trash now. Sorry, but NO,” added an unimpressed caioherrero.

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In complete agreement was vogue28: “Atrocious cover, an absolute eyesore and almost headache-inducing. A truly awful offering for September.”

But not everyone shared the same sentiment. “I’ll take it. Adwoa is the only current-era model that can work the demented aesthetic successfully on her sheer force of presence. She resembles Stacey McKenzie here and that’s enough to make this cover work,” defended Phuel.

“I don’t like Adwoa, but the image is quite nice actually. I like the bright colors and her smile, it’s quite refreshing and happy,” declared aracic.

[Piece Of Me] also admired the outcome. “I like it! It is a striking and ‘different’ image that will look very good on the newsstand and gives a 90s vibe that I love and miss so much.”

UK Elle September 2020 : Adwoa Aboah by Liz Johnson Artur


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