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Vogue Germany’s September 2020 Cover Causes Quite a Stir on Our Forums

So far this year hasn’t been a good one for Vogue Germany. The magazine got off to a rough start with an intolerable January cover, unsuccessfully profiled women over 50 for May, made us cringe with a Toni Garrn and Alex Pettyfer offering for June and the title’s answer to the pandemic fell flat on our forums. Now the German fashion bible’s edition for the most important issue on the print calendar is here with Nicole Atieno landing her very first Vogue cover for September 2020. The Kenyan-born beauty poses against a white backdrop wearing a look from Miu Miu’s Fall 2020 collection while holding a bunch of flowers before the lens of Stefan Heinrichs.

Vogue Germany September 2020 : Nicole Atieno by Stefan Heinrichs


The cover sparked debate on our forums. “What’s the point of giving someone a cover if you actively cover their face? You don’t have to be a Harvard graduate to realize how st*pid that is,” voiced MON.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’s a good idea to cover her face like that, it’s low-key problematic,” agreed FashionMuseDior.

“How DARE they do this BS!!! Shame on them!!” exclaimed an unimpressed Miss Dalloway.

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In the same frame of mind was mathiaskatz: “Nicole is a great model and does not need flowers or any other props. Shame.”

“It’s not a bad cover, even if it feels a bit like something Vogue Nippon would’ve done 11 years ago. But it doesn’t feel right that half her face is covered. Even if it’s with flowers,” added mikel.

“I don’t think the cover is that tragic. It’s cute overall,” defended Srdjan.

Mercury6181 was kind of a fan. “I am happy for Nicole and I generally like the simplistic green color scheme and I think the flowers are a good prop, they add some color and excitement to the image.”

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