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Zendaya Stuns on InStyle’s ‘Bold and Beautiful’ September 2020 Covers

Every month InStyle proves it’s equal (and often superior) to its competitors like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. The mag has produced some stellar covers of late starring Alicia Keys, Carey Mulligan and Lady Gaga. Now Zendaya returns to front the publication three years after her last appearance. For the all-important September edition, the Emmy-nominated actress poses under the clear blue skies of Malibu before the lens of photographic duo AB+DM. Zendaya wears a dress from Aliétte for the newsstand cover (below) and sports Hanifa for the subscribers’ alternative (after the jump) both picked by Law Roach.

US InStyle September 2020 : Zendaya by AB+DM


The covers quickly caught the attention of our forum members. “Wow. I’m in love with this!” praised caioherrero.

“First cover is stunning! Zendaya is one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen and the cover does her justice,” approved jorgepalomo.

“Zendaya is always a winner for me! She looks good!” Lola701 chimed in.

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Miss Dalloway shared the same enthusiasm: “Both fantastic covers, Zendaya works so well in print. That first cover is especially gorgeous.”

“I love this cover so much! It made me feel happy looking at it and this doesn’t happen a lot anymore with magazine covers…so I’ll definitely be buying this!” raved bluestar.

“Wow! Was not expecting this! Love everything about both covers! Bold and beautiful!” exclaimed Velasco.

“The ‘Fashion is Back’ cover line is enough to make me go weak at the knees… Fabulous newsstand cover, love the minimal styling and how sultry it feels,” voiced vogue28.

US InStyle September 2020 : Zendaya by AB+DM


Check out Zendaya’s accompanying cover feature and join the conversation here.