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Binx Walton Is All Smiles on Vogue Italia’s July/August 2020 Cover

It’s fair to say that Emanuele Farneti hasn’t been in our good graces over recent months. After all, we’ve encountered our fair share of questionable Vogue Italia issues, from covers drawn by children to the magazine creating its very own CGI cover star. But is Farneti about to turn over a new leaf? Conventional photoshoots are back for the publication’s July/August 2020 offering with Ethan James Green returning for his second Italian Vogue cover shoot. Model Binx Walton dashes across the studio decked out in a look from Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2020 collection (selected by Carlos Nazario) in the joyous cover image.

Vogue Italia July/August 2020 : Binx Walton by Ethan James Green


The cover proved to be a hit with the majority of our forum members. “Whoa, I’ve just fallen immediately in love with this cover!” confessed Valentine27.

“An actual person on the cover? And my girl Binx? Doing something else than standing there? Wearing Nicolas Ghesquière’s Vuitton? Styled by Carlos? I’m about to have a heart attack!” raved Lola701.

“I have to say it: the cover, the concept, the cast…A TOTAL SERVE,” approved jorgepalomo.

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Forum member vogue28 was also impressed: “Gotta hand it to Farneti on this because it’s the best Vogue Italia cover in months. The heart illustration and the use of the Louis Vuitton outfit don’t even bother me. A resounding thumbs-up from me!”

“Finally something good and fashionable from Vogue Italia! But I’m under no illusions: I believe this is a good exception in a sea of senseless and pretentious garbage. You know what they say…even a broken clock is right twice a day,” voiced apple.

“I feel like everyone is liking this cover because Vogue Italia extremely lowered their standards. For me it’s very basic when we compare it with any issue under Franca Sozzani. I’m happy for Binx, but I feel like someone else would bring much more life to this cover,” critiqued misszk.

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