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Vogue Japan Gives Us Another Multi-Model Cover for August 2020

Vogue Japan sure likes using model group shots on its covers. Since March, we’ve already encountered two. So we aren’t at all surprised to see the Japanese fashion bible give us a third multi-girl installment for August 2020. Captured by photographic duo Luigi & Iango (because who else?) with Anna Dello Russo on styling duties, Valerie Scherzinger, Binx Walton, Mika Schneider, Shay and Jill Kortleve strike poses dressed in head-to-toe Chanel from Virginie Viard’s Fall 2020 collection.

Vogue Japan August 2020 by Luigi & Iango


The cover immediately sparked debate on our forums. “Feels like a blah version of what they’ve done before. Happy for Mika and Binx looks really good, too. Nice to see Valerie, too,” commented Gina Fish.

“Considering the covers we’ve been getting the last few months, this can be considered a downright masterpiece,” praised MyNameIs.

“Mika and Shay look great, but the rest… Styling isn’t so hot either, but I’m a sucker for group cover shots and that’s why I love Vogue Japan. They produce lots of them every year for a while now,” declared Bertrando3.

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“They love these kinds of covers, no? Meh. Same old, same old,” disapproved MON.

Sharing the same underwhelming sentiment was tipi1355: “Maybe it’s the makeup and editing or the identical non-expressions, but they somehow kind of all look like the same person copied and pasted with slightly different skin tones.”

Benn98 wasn’t impressed, either. “Only recognized Binx at first, I must say this is a really dull way to sell a new wave of models. Especially in an era where individuality is championed. They don’t look interesting at all.”

“A random cast for the cover and none of the girls complement each other. Shay, however, is the standout in the cover shot since she’s giving the most signs of life with her pose and expression,” noted vogue28.

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