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Even Naomi Campbell Can’t Save Vogue Spain’s Disappointing July 2020 Cover

Something’s going on over at Vogue Spain. The magazine helped Hailey Bieber produce her best magazine cover to date for March, gave us the gorgeous Ana de Armas for April, addressed the pandemic with a calm and tranquil May cover and supplied Laura Dern with her first-ever Vogue cover just last month. Now the publication feeds our need for supermodels by having Naomi Campbell front its July 2020 installment. Captured by Nadine Ijewere, the icon wears a Gucci number picked by Nathan Klein for the dynamic cover image.

Vogue España July 2020 : Naomi Campbell by Nadine Ijewere


But this wasn’t the Naomi moment our forum members were hoping for. “Imagine hiring Naomi just to make her resemble a piece of gaudily upholstered household furniture,” disapproved tigerrouge the moment the cover struck.

“Awful shot for a cover, a total disservice to Naomi’s beauty. That Gucci looks like an upholstered sofa from your grandma’s 70s-era condo,” agreed KINGofVERSAILLES.

“She’s looking rough, nothing flattering going on in this shot,” noted Gina Fish.

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MON wasn’t into it, either. “I can’t with the odd angle. A missed opportunity to not have a stunning Naomi portrait with her hair.”

“Naomi should stick to the one pose/styling she always does because this is just embarrassing,” said avonlea002.

“Along with the British Vogue cover by Steven Meisel, this is probably my least favorite Naomi Campbell cover of Vogue. The angle is horrible, the Gucci outfit is hideous and it’s just oh so dull, lifeless and unflattering. What a total waste!” declared vogue28.

“This is very weak for both Naomi and Nadine. I see the artsy mood they were going for, but it’s a no once again from me,” voiced Fiercification.

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