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Toni Garrn and Alex Pettyfer Cozy Up on Vogue Germany’s June 2020 Cover

Couples posing together on Vogue is something we have to endure from time to time (think Kimye, the Beckhams and Hailey and Justin Bieber). The latest twosome to make an appearance on Vogue Germany is Toni Garrn and Alex Pettyfer. Appropriately fronting the issue dedicated to love, the newly-engaged pair share an embrace in the June 2020 cover shot captured on location in Miami by photographer Giampaolo Sgura. Complete with styling from Christiane Arp, Toni wears a ruffled Alexander McQueen number while Alex dons Hugo Boss.

Vogue Germany June 2020 : Toni Garrn & Alex Pettyfer by Giampaolo Sgura


Members of our forums weren’t fawning over the outcome. “Not into couple covers. Looks like Australian Vogue,” pointed out Srdjan.

“Wow, not only is her dress hideous but his outfit as well. Everything looks very sloppy. Then you have Toni staring at whoever but not the camera with the odd bit of her hair blowing. Everything looks so random here,” noted Benn98.

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“The styling and the background have zero harmony. Sadly, Toni doesn’t look her best here and that straight-yet-off-camera eye contact is just wrong. Not a good cover,” Valentine27 chimed in.

A.D.C. wasn’t too impressed, either. “Is this the cover of a pirate romance novel?”

Forum member anaa lpz shared the same sentiment: “The cover really is perfect for a smutty pirate romance novel.”

“I am more than willing to admit that even the cover of American Vogue with Hailey and Justin Bieber was far more beautiful and natural than this. It’s an eyesore — from Toni’s vacant expression to the blatant Photoshopping on Alex’s face to the ruffled dress clashing with the backdrop,” voiced vogue28.

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