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Vogue Italia’s June 2020 Covers Were Drawn by Children

Vogue Italia’s definitely been on our radar this year. The publication started 2020 with a series of illustrated covers, then created a CGI cover star, paid homage to medical professionals with a blank cover and pushed gender boundaries just last month. Still unable to produce conventional photoshoots, Emanuele Farneti enlisted children to create illustrations for the Italian fashion bible’s eight June 2020 covers. And the drawings shed a whole new light on Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2020 collection.

Vogue Italia June 2020 : The ‘Our New World’ Issue


Our forum members clearly aren’t fans. “Farneti has lost it. The industry is DYING in this pandemic and Condé Nast still allows this? The nerve,” commented MON.

“I pray that Farneti gets fired. He deserves it,” declared GivenchyHomme.

“This guy has NO BUSINESS editing a fashion magazine. Time to set up a petition to put an end to this misery!” Benn98 chimed in.

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“What’s wrong with Vogue Italia? Every issue is strange, even ugly. I really miss the old Vogue Italia — the supermodels, the great cover stories and Steven Meisel,” added Grayx.

Marc10 also wasn’t buying it: “Yeah, this is trash. I’m usually a fan of Farneti’s Vogue Italia, but this is pretty inexcusable. It’s obvious they had no idea what to do next with all the limitations and this is the laziest possible output.”

“I am increasingly shocked. Vogue Italia was one of the most important publications in the world and I say as an Italian, Farneti is sinking this magazine…” voiced Ivanity86.

Vogue Italia June 2020 : The ‘Our New World’ Issue


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