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Carey Mulligan’s May 2020 Cover of Vogue Australia Divides Our Forum Members

The last time Carey Mulligan covered Vogue Australia the image was definitely something to behold with the actress sporting a showstopping Giambattista Valli creation. But the Aussie fashion bible hasn’t exactly been in our good graces lately thanks to questionable Zendaya and Dua Lipa covers. Now Carey is back for May 2020 wearing Burberry picked by Christine Centenera for the cover shot captured by Josh Olins.

Vogue Australia May 2020 : Carey Mulligan by Josh Olins


Carey’s latest received mixed reviews. “This is so ugly,” declared a less than impressed caioherrero.

“Where to start with this irredeemable cover? Perhaps ‘solidarity’ should’ve been capitalized at least. I would rather they take notes from Vogue Italia and U.S. Vogue and just leave the cover blank with a hashtag as opposed to Carey struggling to smile,” critiqued MDNA.

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“Oh gosh, it looks HIDEOUS. The photo is a disaster: the pose, the hair, the whole vibe and the layout is atrocious. How in the world could they send this to press? Is it a school project made by interns on their lunch break? I’m shocked!” shared a dumbfounded Bertrando3.

“Obviously doesn’t have the wow factor as much as her last cover of Vogue Australia did, but I don’t mind the outcome of this at all. I’m rather fond of the minimal setup, the clean white masthead and the stark black font. An improvement from Zendaya and Dua Lipa at the very least!” voiced vogue28.

Nomar also shared the same sentiment: “The colors are lovely and she just oozes this natural elegance. One of the better Vogue Australia covers to come out in a while.”

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