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Ignasi Monreal Illustrates Vogue Spain’s Calm and Tranquil May 2020 Cover

Our favorite fashion glossies are starting to address the global pandemic. First came Vogue Portugal’s mask-wearing models followed by Vogue Italia’s statement of solidarity with an all-white cover paying homage to medics. Vogue Spain’s response to the crisis arrives in the form of its May 2020 edition after a flawless Ana de Armas offering last month. Eugenia de la Torriente commissioned artist Ignasi Monreal to illustrate the front cover (a first in the publication’s 32-year history). Inspired by British Vogue‘s October 1945 cover after World War II, Vogue Spain’s latest left our forum members in awe.

Vogue España May 2020 by Ignasi Monreal


“The cover is gorgeous, very dreamy. Definitely something to behold and that’s the difference between Farneti’s illustrated covers and this one,” proclaimed Benn98 the moment the cover came to light.

“Watch and learn Farneti! The message is there but it’s not forced, there’s a sense of fashion and calmness at the same time. Love it!” voiced apple in agreement.

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“I like it, a bit of calmness/tranquility in these turbulent times,” Nymphaea chimed in.

“How lovely, this is the creative way you can do a cover during COVID-19,” applauded Miss Dalloway.

MON was also thrilled with the outcome: “Now this is how you do it. Beautiful beyond words! It’s an illustration and yet somehow it feels like a fashion magazine. I just love this!”

Breathless shared the same sentiment. “Now that’s how you do a cover during these rough times!”

“It’s a beautiful illustration… I live in Spain and gotta say, the message is so right. There’s a sense of community right now that I never experienced before,” said kokobombon.

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