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Katie Holmes Strikes a Pose Decked Out in Dolce & Gabbana on InStyle’s April 2020 Cover

It would be a fair statement that we’ve been pretty much living for InStyle over the last year or so. We usually race down to our nearest newsstand whenever a new issue drops. At the helm of the American glossy is Laura Brown, who regularly outshines her competitors with an array of stunning covers starring the likes of Kerry Washington, Salma Hayek, Renée Zellweger and Elle Fanning. Brown’s latest cover conquest is Katie Holmes. The American actress returns to the cover eight years after her last appearance wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana dress (selected by Julia von Boehm) captured sitting in a window looking radiant, effortless and at ease in the Sebastian Faena-shot image.

US InStyle April 2020 : Katie Holmes by Sebastian Faena


InStyle‘s latest immediately became a topic of conversation on our forums. “I do always feel like Laura Brown’s heart and soul are in each and every cover shoot, which I appreciate from an editor in this current economic climate and I also certainly do not mind the sight of Katie Holmes. But why did they feel the need to remove part of Katie’s leg/foot from the cover shot?” wondered vogue28.

“Why Katie Holmes? Is she in a new series/movie? Very lackluster cover,” critiqued Handbag Queen.

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“Is she still relevant?” asked OllieJE.

MON also wasn’t into it. “In what world is this appealing? The styling, someone got paid for that? Goodness. The level of taste (or the lack thereof) this magazine is showing is sincerely questionable. Tons of magazines are ceasing publication while InStyle gets a free pass to be this pedestrian.”

“It’s an alright (even beautiful) image of Katie, although a bit bland. I may not always like their covers, but I appreciate their steady direction. Laura knows what she’s doing,” defended Srdjan.

“I actually like this. She’s not the most edgy actress out there, but this is strong and confident,” added Urban Stylin.

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