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Victoria Beckham Sizzles Under the Sun on Vogue Greece’s Pair of March 2020 Covers

Is there any edition of Vogue Victoria Beckham has yet to cover? After all, she has landed everything from Vogue Paris to Vogue Korea to Vogue Australia to Vogue Russia to British Vogue to American Vogue (alongside her fellow Spice Girls back in 1998) — and often returns for a second or third appearance. Victoria’s latest conquest is landing a set of Vogue Greece March 2020 sultry covers lensed by photographer Alexi Lubomirski. Complete with styling from Daniela Agnelli, Victoria sports her namesake label for the first cover (below) and dons a dress from Greek label Zeus + Dione on the second (after the jump).

Vogue Greece March 2020 : Victoria Beckham by Alexi Lubomirski


The covers immediately caught the attention of our forum members. “These are actually gorgeous covers with VB. Like them both and the fact she has her eyes closed. The makeup looks great. Victoria is not someone I associate with summer, color or skin! But Vogue Greece really pulled it off, the cover with the blue dress is fantastic…” applauded Miss Dalloway.

“I actually like these, they make me long for a Greek vacation! The blue dress cover is a great throwback to the mid aughts,” said dodencebt.

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“Love the first cover!” declared mikel.

But not everyone was impressed. “This woman’s desperation to be on every single edition of Vogue was at first annoying, but now it’s really sad because she knows it’s really the only way to keep herself in the fashion conversation. Maybe do fewer Vogue covers and focus more on your ailing business,” ranted Benn98.

“Such lazy covers. VB’s formula is starting to bore me already,” complained an underwhelmed MON.

Srdjan shared the same sentiment: “I can’t be appreciative of yet another cover with VB.”

Vogue Greece March 2020 : Victoria Beckham by Alexi Lubomirski


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