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Vittoria Ceretti Helps Bring Awareness to the Flooding Crisis in Venice on Vogue Italia’s February 2020 Cover

It’s a fair statement that we weren’t Vogue Italia’s biggest champions last year, but this year at least the magazine is dedicating issues to worthy causes. Last month it ditched photoshoots entirely and made a sustainable statement by creating a series of collectible illustrated covers. Now the Italian fashion bible has started a fundraising campaign to protect Venice against flooding. Forum favorite Vittoria Ceretti fronts the February 2020 issue in Valentino captured on location in the Italian city by Oliver Hadlee Pearch.

Vogue Italia February 2020 : Vittoria Ceretti by Oliver Hadlee Pearch


The cover sparked fierce debate on our forums. “A disingenuous cause. Why not donate HALF of the January and February earnings to the cause? Goodness. Also, where’s the fashion? Why is she dressed as if she’s out there to throw the ashes of her deceased spouse? Also, thanks for using the least flattering photo of Venice,” voiced MON.

“Venice needs more protection against itself than it does from the environment. Vogue Italia is sinking faster,” tigerrouge weighed in.

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“A cover with bank details to protect Vogue Italia would be more appropriate!” exclaimed DK92.

“Where can I donate to save Vogue Italia?” asked WilliamsLe010919.

Srdjan wasn’t feeling it, either. “I’m divided about this. While it’s impactful to see that a prestigious magazine in a prestigious country is begging for financial help, I believe that social causes (or better yet trends) should somewhat be absent from fashion magazines, at least from Vogue and Bazaar.”

“After many months of letdowns, I think we all don’t expect anything good from Vogue Italia. At least Vittoria looks beautiful with that makeup. But Italian Vogue delivered more than just a beautiful picture in the past. To protect Venice, isn’t there a better way than holding a stone with a bank account number carved on it?” wondered Vision Ruan.

Maty Fall also landed a cover. Check it out and join the debate here.