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Victoria Beckham’s Vogue Poland December 2019 Cover May Give You a Sense of Déjà Vu

Victoria Beckham is certainly no stranger to the cover of Vogue and with each year that passes, we all know Victoria will crop up on at least two international editions of the magazine. Take 2018 for example, when Victoria fronted Vogue Spain, Vogue Australia and British Vogue. Following a recent stint on Vogue Germany, the designer and beauty mogul just popped up on the cover of Vogue Poland for December 2019. Photographed by Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Daniela Agnelli, Victoria showcases a look from one of her own collections (natch) in the elegant and refined cover shot.

Vogue Poland December 2019 : Victoria Beckham by Alexi Lubomirski


But for our forum members, it’s just more of the same old thing. “Just your classic Victoria Beckham Vogue cover, nothing exciting, but it’s pretty so it works, I guess,” said aracic the moment the cover dropped.

“A perfectly inoffensive cover, very typical of a Victoria Beckham appearance on Vogue. Yet it feels random for Vogue Poland, who I feel like is all over the place in terms of direction month after month,” critiqued vogue28.

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“What the hell Vogue Poland? What the absolute hell are you thinking?” asked SLFC.

“The cover just doesn’t work in any way,” said slayage.

Members of our forums began to voice how the cover seemed better suited to other fashion titles. “Hello Harper’s Bazaar U.K.,” commented KissMiss.

Benn98 felt the same way: “I see it as well and, come to think of it, so was last month’s cover shot by Mary McCartney. Is this their new direction? The artsy covers didn’t perform well on newsstands? The word ‘no’ doesn’t exist in this woman’s vocabulary. She’d turn up at the opening of an envelope just to get a Vogue cover.”

“Very Australian Vogue,” MON pointed out.

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