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Lady Gaga Brings the Glamour for ELLE’s December 2019 Cover

All the big-name celebrities are flocking to ELLE, largely due to the fact that Nina Garcia has propelled the magazine to new heights since she took over the reins of the American fashion glossy back in 2018. Just this year, Garcia gave covers to Jennifer Aniston, Ashley Graham, Gigi Hadid, Indya Moore, Lizzo and a whole host of others. She continues to impress as we wave goodbye to 2019 by picking Lady Gaga for the mag’s December 2019 cover. Decked out in Marc Jacobs, the singer/actress/makeup mogul returns to the cover a year after her last appearance, posing before the lens of photographer Sølve Sundsbø in grand style.

US Elle December 2019 : Lady Gaga by Sølve Sundsbø


The majority of our forum members had nothing but praise for Gaga’s latest cover. “In a sea of hideous December covers, this one is certainly a win in my book. It’s festive and fun despite being a simple studio portrait. Gaga looks absolutely beautiful…” raved aracic.

“Lady Gaga in Marc Jacobs is a winner in my book!” heralded GERGIN.

“This is a very good cover in my book! It feels December, but without it being too cliché,” proclaimed [Piece Of Me].


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Sharing the same sentiment was LastNight: “I love this. It’s overly styled, overly sweet and yet it works perfectly. The cover will undoubtedly pop on the newsstand and it has a festive quality to it without relying on red, green or gold.”

“I’m not mad at it at all. They actually managed to deliver a cover that’s very Gaga and yet a kind of fresh take on her. It should stand out well on newsstands,” said MyNameIs.

But the cover didn’t suit everyone’s taste. “Nothing looks as if it fits, in any sense of the word. The clothes don’t fit her, the makeup doesn’t fit the clothes, the hat doesn’t fit the season. The only saving grace is her confidence in being able to carry off the most ludicrous of looks,” noted tigerrouge.

Benn98 was in the same frame of mind. “Not for me, the makeup is too much, especially the Jessica Rabbit lips. And that shade of yellow is quite ugly. We’ve been seeing a lot of hats on covers and none of them seem to get it right.”

Check out Gaga’s cover feature and share your thoughts here.