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Sienna Miller Delivers a ‘Perfect’ Portrait Shot for British ELLE’s November 2019 Cover

We need zero gimmicks when it comes to magazine covers. A simple and effortless cover shot will more than suffice. Farrah Storr continues to prove she has a knack for selecting perfect cover shots for British ELLE following alluring covers featuring Angelina Jolie and Cara Delevingne. Forum favorite Sienna Miller is the mag’s latest cover star with the actress photographing beautifully for U.K. ELLE‘s November 2019 edition. Shot by Cass Bird and styled by Paul Cavaco, the face of Gucci’s Cruise 2020 collection appears on both the newsstand cover (below) and the subscribers’ cover (after the jump).

UK Elle November 2019 : Sienna Miller by Cass Bird


“Perfect. Interesting that Farrah is going back to proper cover lines and not random words,” acknowledged 8eight.

“It’s a beautiful portrait and works very well as a cover here, I like it,” approved aracic.

Forum member vogue28 was also a fan: “I am loving this! Farrah Storr seems to be hitting all the right notes (certainly when it comes to the covers). Storr hasn’t created anything revolutionary or gave a huge overhaul a la Anne-Marie Curtis, but I’m interested again. The newsstand cover is beautiful, love the use of the close-up shot and the lighting for a November cover.”

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Although not everyone loved the outcome. “The black and the beige make the entire cover look a bit dull. November is really like a mini December on the fashion calendar. And I can’t say I’m impressed with ‘the new look’,” an underwhelmed Benn98 chimed in.

“It’s a pretty headshot, but it’s terribly uneventful,” declared honeycombchild.

“As a portrait shot, it’s nice — but as a cover, it lacks impact. They’ve taken a gamble as to how well this will stand out on the shelves. It might look rather lovely if the texture of the hair and the skin is allowed to shine through and the airbrushing is kept to a minimum,” appreciated tigerrouge.

UK Elle November 2019 : Sienna Miller by Cass Bird


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