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Erika Linder Lands the Cover of Vogue Paris’ Sustainable Fashion Issue

Vogue Paris might just be the most predictable magazine on the market right now with Emmanuelle Alt consistently recycling cover stars. She loves pushing her favorites: Rianne Van Rompaey appeared on a total of three covers this year alone. The mag’s February 2019 cover star Erika Linder pops back up to front the French fashion bible’s November 2019 issue dedicated to the planet and sustainable fashion. Captured in the Swedish wilderness, Erika was photographed in Missoni by Mikael Jansson.

Vogue Paris November 2019 : Erika Linder by Mikael Jansson


“I’m on the fence with this one. It’s something different for them and I like the colors, but can’t deal with the beanie, the tinted eyebrows and Erika again? Let me guess, she probably sold well so we have her again. Alt’s tunnel vision in top form,” called out Benn98.

“Yeah, it’s different for them, even looks like it could be from modern times, but that doesn’t make it a good cover. This is just such a weak shot to use for the cover,” expressed Miss Dalloway.

“What the hell is this? Homeless Journal?” asked a dumbfounded WilliamsLe010919.

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“I think it’s a pretty weak shot, made even less appealing by how the backdrop seems to be competing with the outfit and beanie. It is all so devoid of glamour,” complained dodencebt.

Forum member lelaid was also unimpressed: “This is just mundane in every way.”

“This is not good and I’m surprised she got a second cover in the same year,” voiced Valentine27.

“Ten issues a year and two with Erika and three with Rianne. What’s the problem with Emmanuelle?” wondered caioherrero.

“Same faces over and over again. Can we have something new?” pleaded rwwwwww.

Await the content of the issue and be sure to share your opinion here.