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Not Even Laurijn Bijnen Can Save Vogue Paris’ October 2019 Cover

You’ve no doubt noticed that Emmanuelle Alt likes repeating Vogue Paris’ cover stars. Take Rianne Van Rompaey who made the cover of the French fashion bible on three separate occasions this year alone. (She even starred on all four of the covers of the magazine’s monumental 1,000th issue.) Alt must have heard our pleas for someone new because she just gave us a fresh face for October 2019. Laurijn Bijnen receives the full Vogue Paris treatment, including styling from Alt herself, serving retro glamour with a little help from Louis Vuitton before the lens of David Sims. 

Vogue Paris October 2019 : Laurijn Bijnen by David Sims


The cover proved to be a bit too much for our forum members. “That Vuitton dress is atrocious. I don’t like it one bit,” declared dodencebt the moment the cover struck.

“She’s wearing one of the ugliest collections I’ve ever seen. That thing on her ear is bothering me,” Karl Boucher chimed in.

“What an ugly cover. It looks like one of those photo booths. The outfit is Louis Vuitton so of course it’s terrible and the hat on top is overkill. Then they go and put that big red earring smack dab in the middle of the frame so there goes our attention. The model is boring so she failed to elevate this,” said GivenchyHomme.

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“As refreshing as it is to see a new face, Alt’s OTT styling overpowers Laurijn, the retouching is too apparent and all the red and glitter ends up looking far too festive for October,” vogue28 pointed out.

“Gosh, this just looks SO dated in the worst possible way! Someone seriously needs to tell Alt to get over herself, it’s actually embarrassing at this point!” proclaimed Miss Dalloway.

Mercury6181 wasn’t exactly jumping for joy, either: “I love that it’s a new face, but there’s just so much going on! There are so many colors and textures that it’s overwhelming.”

But not everyone felt the same way. “Meh. Could be worse so I won’t complain too much, but this is classic Vogue Paris,” admitted aracic.

“I don’t know what the ‘story’ is, but glamour beauty styling seems to be involved so on that basis, I’m for it,” revealed tigerrouge.

Await the content of the issue and share your thoughts on the cover here.