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Janelle Monáe Stars on InStyle’s Bright and Refreshing August 2019 Cover

Laura Brown has revitalized InStyle, giving the fashion title a new lease on life. She’s picked Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, the cast of Big Little Lies and Priyanka Chopra as cover stars and now adds Janelle Monáe to the impressive list. The Badass Women Issue has become a staple for InStyle with Janelle following in the footsteps of Melissa McCarthy. Shot by Pamela Hanson and styled by Julia von Boehm, the singer/actress rocks a bold neon look from Nina Ricci’s Fall 2019 collection for the newsstand cover (below).

US InStyle August 2019 : Janelle Monae by Pamela Hanson


“I love that Laura goes with some not-so-obvious cover stars. Kudos,” approved caioherrero.

“Yes to this! I love Janelle and she always photographs beautifully (although when you analyze her facial expression, she looks a bit surprised here, but anyway). The cover is very eye-catching,” praised dodencebt.

“Love this woman,” declared mathiaskatz.

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“How refreshing and fun,” commented Miss Dalloway.

“I love this and I love her. This is how you do it,” voiced Perickles.

Although not everyone was sold on the cover. “Can they stop styling her with hats? I know it’s her trademark, but fashion magazines need to try harder. If they can shoot Ariana [Grande] without her signature ponytail, then you can damn well ask Janelle to take off a hat every now and then,” noted Ken Doll Jenner.

RMDV felt the same way: “Why can’t she ever get a decent cover? This styling is horrid and the photography is amateur hour. Such a shame, Pamela can do way better than this!”

“There are always great ideas bubbling at InStyle. It is the execution of them that I often have problems with. I don’t dislike it, but it definitely leaves you wanting more. Mind you which U.S. glossy doesn’t? At least they seem to have fun at InStyle,” pointed out KissMiss.

US InStyle August 2019 : Janelle Monae by Pamela Hanson


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