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Scarlett Johansson, Deepika Padukone and Others Star on Vogue’s Diverse ‘Global Talent’ Issue for April 2019

There’s something going on over at Vogue HQ — and we like it. Despite the Hailey and Justin Bieber cover last month, Vogue has been consistently delivering impressive covers with the likes of Emily Blunt, Priyanka Chopra and Reese Witherspoon. Diversity is on order this month as Vogue gives up its latest to “global talent,” as actresses Scarlett Johansson, Doona Bae and Deepika Padukone feature on one cover and Léa Seydoux, Angelababy, Adesua Etomi-Wellington and Elizabeth Debicki star on a second cover. The ladies sit pretty in the charming images shot by photographer Mikael Jansson and styled by Camilla Nickerson.

US Vogue April 2019 : 'A Celebration of Global Talent' by Mikael Jansson


Were our forum members buying Vogue‘s newfound direction? “I’ve never been a fan of US Vogue but this year they have produced some lovely covers, this included. They have all been classically American Vogue, but we’ve had new faces and more importantly diverse faces,” Blayne266 said.

“Another classic example of an old-school American Vogue which I won’t scoff at! It’s a beautiful cover, and even more refreshing to see fresh new faces on the cover,” echoed vogue28.

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Yet the diversity didn’t seem…authentic to some of our forum members. “This feels like such a gimmick! ‘Hey Edward [Enninful] is doing such diverse covers over at British Vogue,‘ let me jump on the bandwagon without actually putting effort into making it a decent cover!” Miss Dalloway called out.

“Anna [Wintour]’s vision of diversity is just lazy and backward. This brings nothing new to the table. A first East Asian on the cover should be a celebration, even a solo cover, not sharing it with some white princess standing above her. The diversity should be about race, age, size and more,” said TaylorBinque.

Also unimpressed was forum member Ed, commenting, “‘So Scarlett, let’s have you in the middle, higher than the other ladies.'”

“Saying Scarlett is portrayed ‘higher and more important’ because she is in the middle is stretching it, I think. This is a diverse cover for US Vogue and thanks for that. Lots of people really don’t know when to stop throwing race cards here and there,” fired back dontbeadrag.

US Vogue April 2019 : 'A Celebration of Global Talent' by Mikael Jansson


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