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Shalom Harlow and a White Dove Star on Vogue Japan’s April 2019 Cover

Shalom Harlow is certainly having a moment. First, she hit the Versace runway back in September and scored the advertising campaign for the collection. In December, the 90s supermodel landed the cover of Vogue Italia — 20 years after her last appearance on the magazine. Now, the latest stop on her comeback tour and first major gig of 2019 is the cover of Vogue Japan for April, shot by tFS forum favorites Luigi & Iango. Stylist Paul Cavavo opted to dress Shalom in a black lace Christian Dior number to complement her winged eyeliner, nude lips and the white dove she’s holding.

Vogue Japan April 2019 : Shalom Harlow by Luigi & Iango


Was the cover enough to impress our forum members? “After that tragic Versace show, I haven’t seen ONE SINGLE DECENT PICTURE OF HER. yikes!” slammed helmutnotdead.

“She looks so pedestrian. She could be my neighbor,” added anlabe32.

“Stunning face but poor realization. Such a shame. There’s the hair, then even the makeup looks like it was done by herself — does the eyeliner looks thicker on her left eye? With a face like hers, it shouldn’t be hard to do a great cover,” said Morgane07.

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“She looks like a Russian socialite that went crazy with the plastic surgery,” called out GivenchyHomme.

MON agreed, saying, “Better than last month, but still pedestrian. The hair! How can anyone approve of that. That hair makes it look like she went through A LOT just to hold that bird. Sweet sophistication that hair is not!”

“The fit of this dress is very unflattering. Some botched retouching around her arms as well. Very unimpressive cover overall. I’m not feeling Shalom’s comeback so far,” Benn98 said.

Not everyone hated it, though. “I actually think this is a gorgeous cover. She looks beautiful,” reasoned mepps.

“I mean, just LOOK at that face! All this time later, and she still makes me totally appreciate her as a model. Random dove and all,” Miss Dalloway added.

A missed opportunity or a triumph? Share your thoughts and await Shalom’s cover story here.