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Rianne van Rompaey Does 70s Disco Glam for Vogue Paris’ March Cover

Praise the fashion gods: after last month’s unisex-themed issue featuring Erika Linder, Vogue Paris is giving us a healthy dose of glamour for March. Our forums knew Emmanuelle Alt couldn’t leave her love of all things retro behind for too long and now welcomes back cover girl Rianne van Rompaey, who last featured on French Vogue‘s garish November 2017 cover. In stark contrast to her debut, Rianne is 70s glamour personified, giving us have major hair envy while dazzling in Givenchy.

Vogue Paris March 2019 : Rianne van Rompaey by David Sims


Our forum members were thrilled with the result. “Slay Rianne! Slay!” exclaimed mikel.

“I’ll take ’70s disco’ over ’80s unisex’ any day of the week,” favored tigerrouge.

“Alt is serving Cosmopolitan covers from the late 70s, I love it,” admired Karl Boucher.

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“They’ve finally done her justice! This should’ve been her debut cover, not that nightmarish Venice one a while back,” Benn98 said.

LastNight agreed, saying, “I love it! It’s nothing groundbreaking but it’s really appealing and I just adore Rianne, happy to see her on the cover.”

Apple commented, “Beautiful, simple and effective. When you have a model like Rianne, it’s okay to go on a simple cover because her beauty and skills will deliver.”

“Rianne is always a pleasure!” jorgepalomo said.

“Emmanuelle and David Sims always come through. I absolutely adore this,” raved mepps.

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