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Freja Beha Erichsen Makes a Triumphant Return to the Cover of Vogue

We haven’t seen Freja Beha Erichsen on the cover of Vogue for what feels like an eternity. Everyone’s favorite Danish beauty’s last notable cover appearance was for Vogue Japan, way back in 2015 (and a Korean Vogue cover flying under our radar in May 2017). Now, Vogue China (and our forum members) welcome the sight of Freja as she graces the cover of the magazine’s July 2017 issue. Shot by Collier Schorr, Freja was captured on location wearing Christian Dior and our forum members are all for it.

Vogue China July 2017 : Freja Beha Erichsen by Collier Schorr


“Oh god she looks so beautiful,” admired KateTheGreatest, seconds after the cover was revealed.

“This is moody summer done right and the choice of Freja as cover star feels fresh in this setting. Collier is turning out lovely work lately, no exception here,” commented zoom.

Also delighted with the outcome was Benn98: “Looking good! Freja never disappoints. Easily the first 2017 Vogue China cover that instantly catches my attention, and one of Collier best covers yet!”

HelaFav5 couldn’t have agreed more, saying, “Personally I think it’s VC’s best work this year.”

“FINALLY something great from VC this year!” said RedSmokeRise.

“Lovely, she looks fantastic as usual,” wrote a satisfied dsamg.

“I like it they’re going for atmospheric settings instead of just plain colors at the back the whole year. They tried this ‘setting idea’ last month with Zhang Ziyi, but it was not as successful as this,” forum member Legolas pointed out.

Apple was quick to rave, “Hauntingly beautiful! Freja will always be one of my favorites. I don’t like the styling but it doesn’t matter, I love this cover!”

How do you feel toward the cover? See more from Freja and join the conversation here.