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Sisters Edie and Olympia Campbell Come Together on Vogue Germany’s Distinctly Wintry December Cover (Forum Buzz)

When it comes to December covers, magazines should be able to let loose in terms of creativity and close out the year on a high while setting standards for the following year. This year, however, December covers haven’t exactly pushed boundaries so far. Vogue Germany just gave us its interpretation of holiday festivities with sisters Edie and Olympia Campbell, who pose on the final cover of 2016. Photographed by Boo George, the duo looks ready for a colder climate wrapped up in chunky knits and wool pants.

Vogue Germany December 2016 : Edie & Olympia Campbell by Boo George


The cover seemed to be an instant hit in our forums. “WOW, I LOVE this! Unexpected styling we don’t see often on the cover, and it’s so much better than their first cover together. The more of Boo George, and his beautiful melancholy photography, the better!” complimented a more than satisfied Miss Dalloway.

“Same here! The girls both look great and I love the clean layout,” sixtdaily replied in agreement.

Sharing the same sentiments was HeatherAnne. “I love this for December, cozy and not overly festive but still distinctly wintry. They both look stunning and the styling is perfect right down to the worn-out shoe sole,” she eagerly pointed out.

Nepenthes felt the same way: “The cool tones are so beautiful, love everything about this!”

TeeVanity was also a fan of Vogue Germany’s offering, commenting, “This is a lovely cover, great seeing the sisters together again.”

But the cover wasn’t to everyone’s taste. “Edie and Olympia for Vogue Germany, wow how original! Meh. Boring. The mood is not festive. It only makes me want to sleep. Not at all inviting as well,” disapproved an underwhelmed MON.

“This is truly horrific. They both look bored and the styling is so awful, you can’t even see Edie’s right hand, it’s probably still in the sleeve? I don’t understand how anyone would ever approve this as a cover, a whole new low for Vogue Germany,” slammed KateTheGreatest.

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