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Is Tom Ford’s New Fragrance Campaign with Mica Arganaraz Steamy Enough? (Forum Buzz)

Tom Ford is certainly used to grabbing a few headlines with his racy fragrance campaigns, whether it’s Gigi Hadid going completely naked at the beginning of her now blossoming modeling career or the controversial ad released in 2014 featuring a nude Cara Delevingne, which ultimately got reviewed by the Advertising Standards Agency after numerous complaints. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that his brand new campaign for Black Orchid contains nudity (albeit not that much of it). This time around, it’s Mica Arganaraz’s turn to bare all for photographer Nick Knight, as she replaces Cara as the new face of the floral-spicy scent.

Tom Ford 'Black Orchid' Fragrance 2016 : Mica Arganaraz by Nick Knight


A handful of our forum members were expecting more. “This isn’t doing anything for me, AT ALL. It’s as dull as her Alexander McQueen campaign. It looks like a very cheap reproduction of Viktor & Rolf’s Antidote. Nearly two years down the line and I still don’t get the appeal of Mica Arganaraz,” slated Benn98.

Also not a fan of the casting was zacatecas570: “And again that HIDEOUS hairstyle. I’m done with Mica. Bye!”

Lola701 felt underwhelmed too, writing, “What is really frustrating with Tom is sometimes the lack of overall coherence in his ads. I like the idea of one photographer shooting all your beauty campaigns. Yes the brand is strong and people know what Tom Ford stands for but the Orchid Soleil advertising campaign is so vibrant and well executed that this feels a bit dry.”

In agreement was Spike413: “Agree. Those first three fragrance campaigns he did were perfectly coherent but totally distinctive, not to mention gorgeous and more subtly sexy than what he’s best known for. They also knocked you over the head at first glance with how impactful they were.”

Yet the campaign didn’t fail to impress everyone. “Oh thank goodness someone with some edge and high fashion sex appeal is back,” Phuel applauded.

“This is everything,” Nepenthes declared shortly after.

Tom Ford 'Black Orchid' Fragrance 2016 : Mica Arganaraz by Nick Knight


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