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Willow and Jaden Smith Give Us Maybe the Best September Cover of the Year on Interview Magazine (Forum Buzz)

The September issues have clearly gone to the younger generation of stars this year, with the likes of Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Lucky Blue Smith bagging covers of major fashion titles. Now, teenagers Willow and Jaden Smith pose together on Interview for September. The brother and sister duo were shot by Steven Klein and profiled by Pharrell Williams for the occasion while both serving up a fairly simple yet stimulating portrait cover shot. Complete with Willow wearing Chanel (natch) and Jaden decked out in Stella McCartney, our forum members like what they see.

Interview September 2016 : Willow & Jaden Smith by Steven Klein


“I have no idea what they do that they need to promote but I do like the cover,” confessed kokobombon straight away.

Wolkfolk felt the same way, admitting, “I tend to find them particularly insufferable and obnoxious, especially Jaden, but I’m not gonna lie this is a flawless cover. Their facial features are really stunning, Willow is especially fascinating, she should grow up into one hell of a gorgeous woman. Love the styling as well.”

“Can’t say the deadpan expressions are particularly enticing, but they deserve this regardless of however insufferable I may deem them. The cover ticks all the PC boxes, but it looks more like Dazed than Interview, to be honest,” Benn98 added.

Lola701 was certainly an admirer of the cover, raving, “GREAT COVER! Maybe my favorite September cover! Is Jaden wearing Stella’s up-and-coming menswear? Jaden is a handsome man in the making and Willow is the perfect Chanel ambassador.”

Sharing the same sentiments was gazebo: “I love it, Bobbsey Twins styling and all. Of all the kids, they are the most cover worthy. They are interesting looking and usually have something interesting to say, even if mostly complete nonsense and annoying. Their apparent semi-detachment from reality is very intriguing.”

“I’m sick of this obsession with young people whose relevance is having famous parents, but damn the Smith kids are so good looking. Willow is really gorgeous. Beautiful cover,” echoed *ana*.

Check out Klein’s intriguing cover story featuring the Smith kids and add your own two cents here.