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Kate Moss and Daughter Lila Grace Pose Together on Vogue Italia’s July Cover (Forum Buzz)

Mother-daughter duos have certainly become a huge trend on magazine covers this year! Vogue Paris with Cindy Crawford and Kaia Gerber is still fresh in our minds and now Vogue Italia jumps on the bandwagon with its latest offering. No signs of Steven Meisel this month but in comes photographer Mario Sorrenti with a black and white, picture-perfect family portrait shot, featuring none other than modeling royalty Kate Moss and her 13-year-old mini-me daughter Lila Grace Moss Hack. Kate sure is a favorite of Italian Vogue lately, having starred on three covers within several months.

Members of our forums weren’t so smitten with this month’s offering, however. “This cover does nothing for me. It’s just yet another portrait shot. Looks more like Kate and Lila for American Vogue to me, Lila looks very young here,” complained Benn98 at once.

“Jesus what has become of Italian Vogue? Now even when they have Meisel back (previous issue), it’s all so insipid! It’s a beautiful portrait of Kate and her daughter, but it’s really not cover worthy!” screamed a less than impressed Miss Dalloway.

In the same frame of mind was MON: “I really don’t get the direction of the non-Meisel issues. They all feel disconnected? This doesn’t feel like a Vogue Italia cover. We have two gorgeous girls, a fantastic photographer, and yet the energy is missing. This is something that I’d see for Vogue Paris and not for VI.”

Anlabe32 wasn’t much of an admirer either, writing, “Awfully boring and empty. So tired of Kate and her family. And to Vogue Italia: stop using her. I know Meisel refused to work with her but three Kate covers in half a year? Please, she’s so cliché.”

“Ugh, this is so tragic. The VP mother-daughter wasn’t enough now this? Plus, I agree that Kate is overrated. So boring! 2007 is missed,” reflected a disappointed Scotty.

“This magazine is lost!” cried out eneroenero.

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