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Elizabeth Olsen’s Cover of Allure Is Another ‘Missed Opportunity’ (Forum Buzz)

Following in the footsteps of sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, Elizabeth Olsen now steals the spotlight and poses on the cover of Allure. Recent staff changes at the beauty bible have resulted in a subtle change in direction (though we’re eagerly anticipating a full revamp). The new team seems to favor more natural, effortless and un-airbrushed cover shots, like the gorgeous Amy Adams cover a few months back. Now moving on to its June 2016 offering, Olsen was shot by photographer Tom Craig wearing a sunshine yellow dress while sporting a 70s-inspired makeup look.

Allure June 2016 : Elizabeth Olsen by Tom Craig


Members of our forums were left uncertain. “They wasted the opportunity! She is a gorgeous girl, and this could have been a stellar cover if it not for that eye makeup! It’s too heavy for the setting. Had they minimized it, it could have been gorgeous,” MON discredited straight away.

Justaguy wasn’t exactly feeling the makeup either. “Bummed. Was expecting something a lot better than this. The makeup just doesn’t work here. Too harsh with the subtle and soft styling,” he pointed out in frustration.

“I got really excited when I saw her name but this is very disappointing,” added an underwhelmed MyNameIs.

Also a little disappointed with the outcome was A.D.C., posting, “I don’t really see much of a change since Linda Wells was replaced. I was expecting a makeover à la Self magazine!”

It seemed as though Benn98 didn’t rate the efforts of Allure‘s new staff either, echoing, “This is the first cover under [Michelle] Lee which I outright loathe. Everything else is soft except her eye make-up. And just like Amy Adams’ feature, the styling here looks terribly cheap.”

But the cover wasn’t disliked by everyone. “Stunning! I love the 1970s look,” raved Urban Stylin.

“Nice to have a fresh face on the cover!” appreciated Handbag Queen.

Allure June 2016 : Elizabeth Olsen by Tom Craig


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