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Boring or Brilliant? Steven Meisel’s New Vogue Italia Cover With Newcomer Caitie Greene Gets Mixed Reviews (Forum Buzz)

Steven Meisel one month, another photographer the next: this is the formula we’ve come to recognize at Vogue Italia lately. Last month, Italian Vogue still managed to impress by enlisting three different photographers to shoot its wonderful April cover stories. Meisel is back for May 2016, however, working his photographic magic on model newcomer Caitie Greene, who wears a dress from Blumarine while posing on a football field.

Vogue Italia May 2016 : Caitie Green by Steven Meisel


Yet the cover left our forums divided. “Shoot me, but this is a letdown after last month. I think it’s time Meisel cut his ties permanently with this magazine. Not sure what’s going on here. A 1915-era maiden who ended up on a sports field?” asked an underwhelmed Benn98.

“What a bore. Vogue Portugal has a better cover for May…” laughed narcyza.

Also rather bored by the outcome was Creative: “What a bore… The lighting looks so amateur and cheap. And hate the background and the filter… Meisel totally lost it. This is beyond meh.”

In the same frame of mind was Miss Dalloway, sharing, “Nope, this does nothing for me!”

Luxx soon shed some light on the cover, writing, “I don’t know what the concept is yet, but to me this is pure Americana from the football field to the cowboy hat. Love it.”

Echoing the positive attitude was Scotty: “I love it, his simple covers are always easily better than what others do for VI. I don’t think he should stop working for VI.”

“I love it. Only Meisel can make such a simple setting become captivating through his lens. I’m intrigued to see the inside and the story of it,” raved WilliamsLe010919.

Are you into it? Check out Meisel’s cover story for this month’s Italian Vogue and drop us a comment here.