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Kate Middleton Crowned UK Vogue’s 100th Anniversary Cover Star! (Forum Buzz)

Our forums have been waiting for British Vogue‘s momentous 100th anniversary edition to drop for what feels like an eternity, with names like Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen being thrown around as possible cover stars. In a surprising move, Kate Middleton takes to the front cover for the very first time, following in the footsteps of Princess Diana who covered the magazine on numerous occasions. In her first official shoot for the magazine, the Duchess looks poised and relaxed wearing comfortable attire in the English countryside, flashing a warm and inviting smile before the lens of Josh Olins.

UK Vogue June 2016 : The Duchess of Cambridge by Josh Olins


The cover was sure to generate a huge amount of buzz and that’s just what it did. “Honestly this is such a refreshing choice and such a big deal for Vogue U.K. that I can’t complain about anything. They did the 100th anniversary right, I really can’t imagine a better person for it,” applauded dodencebt.

“I’m so thrilled about this, I’m speechless!! Yahoo!!” exclaimed an elated Handbag Queen.

In agreement over how terrific the cover turned out was Emmanuelle, crediting, “Amazing surprise! So happy to see her in Vogue! The cover is very nice, she looks natural. I like the artistic direction, the previews [below] look promising.”

LastNight shared the same enthusiasm. “Stunning! My mouth dropped open in shock when I saw the title of the thread though, I didn’t think they would ever manage to get her for the cover but I’m really glad they did. I’m also pleasantly surprised by the choice of photographer, I’d have thought she would be photographed by Testino or Demarchelier and I’m really glad she wasn’t,” he commended.

“Her smile is giving so much energy here. I love the way they kept it simple and true to herself. Wonderful surprise, it’s very beautiful and of course, memorable!” heralded Valentine27.

“OMG!!!! My wish came true! And there’s no Testino which makes it doubly awesome. I simply love the outcome, it stayed true to what she’s about. But more than anything, I’m so so so happy for Josh Olins. This is tremendous for him. Truth be told he’s never produced an awful cover for this magazine,” pointed out Benn98.

UK Vogue June 2016 : The Duchess of Cambridge by Josh Olins


Stay tuned for more from British Vogue‘s celebratory June 2016 edition and join the conversation here.