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Adele’s New i-D Magazine Cover Is Super Gorgeous! (Forum Buzz)

Her name has been on everyone’s lips over the weekend after she unexpectedly announced the release of a new album and a brand new song. Now, in perfect timing, Adele stars on the just-dropped cover of i-D magazine‘s Winter 2015 issue. Photographed by Alasdair McLellan, the “Someone Like You” singer makes her debut for the British publication and looks terrific in the captivating black and white cover image as she conceals one eye in true i-D fashion.

i-D Winter 2015 : Adele by Alasdair McLellan


“Goodness, she looks stunning! The best I’ve seen from Alasdair in some time. This vintage style hair and makeup really suits Adele. i-D was the last mag I thought would cover her,” expressed an amazed Benn98 the moment the cover surfaced.

“Gorgeous, I love that she is on this cover. Every magazine in the world is knocking on her door, and picking this one (I’m sure there will be more obvious ones coming) first, is refreshing,” noted an equally impressed Miss Dalloway.

Sharing the same sentiments was thiago:): “What a gorgeous woman! It feels so good seeing her face on magazine covers again.”

Also full of appreciation was Nymphaea, hailing, “Love it! Bring me more of Adele.”

Forum member honeycombchild agreed, too, adding, “This woman has such a beautiful face. She’s truly stunning and I welcome her on the cover of any magazine personally.”

“Why does fashion care about her??” asked gossiping, shifting the mood of the thread.

“I’d rather have a talented, chart-topping singer than some random with a curriculum in social media or some 14-year-old that has a fancy Tumblr account,” fired back mistress_f.

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